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Get your exclusive service for advertisng at our tubes. Our manager will provide you all additional info about available ad spots, rates and daily imps.

Contact our manager to get special rates and conditions for our ad spots.

Fixed CPM Full ad spot inventory Full single GEO impressions All orient imps (gay/shemale) All category imps (bdsm, amateur, milf, etc.) –°ustom ads (skins, another frequency, custom tablinks, text ads)
Clickadilla Our RTB partner
To advertise on our sites, you have to register on Manage your ad campaigns quick and easy through our self-serve platform. In our ad inventory you will find a wide range of ad formats and placements: Banner, Popunder, Web Push, In Page Push, Tab link, Video ads, Native ads and Interstitial ads. Also, you can integrate via Open RTB and XML.

Our Ad spots

ONCLICK ADS (POPUNDER) Highly profitable ad format, the extra window shows when the user makes a first click on the content page. Perfect for all types of advertisers.
VIDEO IN-STREAM (PRE-ROLL) Built-in video player ads that show before every time the user watches videos on our tubes. High convert at webcam and pay-sites.
BANNERS Just classics. We have good convert places for your offers, and we can place it wherever you want.
VIDEO SLIDER Designed to be fixed to a specific screen area while the user scrolls through the content.
Outstream Video ads appear between thumbs when users are scrolling. Good eye-catching.