How it works

Gallery Model
We pay flat CPM (per 1000 unique visits) rate for relevant visitors (those interested in viewing our videos and browsing our sites) you send to our free adult tube sites. Rates depend on country and traffic quality. Individual rate bumps may apply for high traffic quality and volumes. Contact our support team to discuss personal conditions.
See Allowed traffic sources for ideas on how to implement Gallery monetization model to your traffic sources.
Embed Model
we pay Revenue Share for ad impressions and clicks in our video player embedded to your site: video pre-rolls and additional monetization formats - banners, in-page floaters, pops etc. As an additional benefit, you get tons of video content available for embedding to your site(s).
For CPC/CPM ad inventory (banners, pops, native, push etc.) please register at

Allowed traffic sources

Note: custom rates may apply accordingly to traffic quality and performance!

Thumbnail galleries / Video Aggregators

Classic, most common source type for gallery. Visitors are sent from thumbnails or video previews on publisher’s side to corresponding video pages on our free tube sites.

Adult Blogs / Social Networks

Adult blogs (“daily plugs”), relevant community forums, social networks (twitter, reddit, telegram etc. - where adult posts are allowed). Posts may contain graphic or text links - but should be relevant to linked content.

Adult Listing Sites

categorized porn site directories linking to our free tube sites’ or site categories’ index pages.

Search query traffic

sites linking to search result pages on our free tube sites. May be either dynamic (user types in search query on publisher’s site and is sent to search results for this query on our free tube site.

Our tools

Note: direct domain traffic attribution works based on click referrer records, it is less accurate than “Promo ID” attribution model.

Content feeds

A great automation tool enabling publishers to bulk-load content to their sites, automate postings and remove expired content (using “Deleted” feed or dump). Feeds contain: video IDs (for matching records), titles, categories, thumbnail links, embed codes, video preview links and other valuable data. Feeds are available in .CSV, .KVS and RSS (under “RSS” section) formats. Entire site dumps are available for downloading in “Dumps” section.

Promo ID

Unique account-specific numeric value that can be found in the top-left corner of your TubeCorporate publisher’s account dashboard (“Affiliate ID”). 

You can create a tracking link to any of our sites’ page (including search results pages) by adding “promo=YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID” parameter to page’s URL.

Direct domains

Direct domains - tool for traffic attribution without adding “promo” parameter. You can add your sites’ domain names so that traffic referred by your site would be attributed to your account.

For that you need to verify your site ownership by adding a verification meta tag or uploading verification .txt file to your site’s root folder.